Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 5

I got lazy with the posts. Oops. Moving on...
We got directions from the owners of Mimi's Guesthouse on how to get to the beach behind their house. We spent the morning alone on the beach. I'm going to be so sad when I see other people on the beach now. We went snorkeling so we could look for conch shells. You can buy them all over the island but I wanted my own. I wanted to be able to brag that I found it when people asked and not have to say that I bought it. Most of the shells were inhabited with permanent residents but I did find a few that had removable tenants. Honestly, I didn't know that anything was in them until I touched a tiny octopus that was coming out of one. SLIMY! I freaked out and handed it to Nathan who waited patiently for it to leave. We only took two shells with us even though we found more. I took me 2+ hours to clean them up so I'm glad there weren't more than two.


Very cool!

After cleaning and packing up we moved on to Rincon. It was our West Coast stop. In the winter it's a big surf spot but it's good for snorkeling in the summer. After checking at the Coconut Palms Inn we went to explore the beaches. I read in my "Off the Beaten Path" book about a beach that was known for sea glass collecting. I'd found a few pieces earlier in the trip so my interest in this new hobby was growing. We found the beach and began our search. We found numerous peices and even found our first blue! (Some colors are much more difficult to find than others. If you are curious you can look at a rarity chart here. I'll post more about all of the colors we found and the things we made from them later.)

Nathan waited until I would get splashed. His plan worked.

Our first road-side stand, Delish!

Collecting sea glass!

I thought this was a lot at the time. Boy was I wrong!

Our findings for the day.

I wrote everyone's names that would be getting a gift from me and took a picture so I could attach it as the To/From card.

After the sunset we went to eat dinner at a resteraunt suggested by the hotel.

Nathan's first mofongo. This was the soup kind. Very tasty.

My dorado and tostones. Yum!

Can you tell that we were tired?

Flan #2. Coconut flavored.

I'd heard from the ladies up front that a five minute walk down the beach would get me to a resort that made a coconut drink. Lame, right? Oh, no. The drink is eight kinds of rum INSIDE of the coconut. I needed to have one. We walked down to the bar and got out drinks to finish off the night.

I was extremely tired and wanted to sleep. Apparently that wasn't going to happen. We'd heard from the girls up front that the owners were out of town. One of the ladies decided to drink out on the porch woth our neighbor. It was like they were talking on our room! I was pissed! And the worst part was that I couldn't even call the front desk to complain since the front desk was on my porch, wasted and being loud! WTF people! I finally fell asleep and other than that the day (and entire trip for that matter) was great.


  1. Over from Casey's....I love the photo pf your names in the sand. Love it. Those gloppy thingys are eww! :)