Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update on NYC

We've been out and about pretty much all day every day or sleeping to try and recover. So, it;s cold this time too. Apparently it;s the coldest June in years. Great. I also went during the coldest March. Hmm. It's rained every day but one. We chose to walk the Brooklyn Bridge that day and do outdoor things. I've been eating up a storm and my body is paying the price. I'll blog about my food adventures (both delicious and bizarre) when I have the time to actually review them at home. My feet are killing me from all the walking but my tennis shoes don't match any of my outfits! Ha. Later!

It's hard to see but I'm posing it up like P Diddy (on the billboard in the background) after we saw Wicked. Amazing show!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I want to be a part of it, New York, New York!

Yeah, you'll have to pretend that I can actually sing that. Ha. Today consists of getting ready, cleaning, laundry, errands, packing, and whatever else I can think of. Busy, busy, busy. There's a chance of rain everyday so I'm bummed about that and I may have to change up a few of my outfits. It's also going to be cooler that I expected, highs in the mid-70's and lows at night in the mid-60's. I may just have to do more shopping in order to have the perfect outfit. Poor me, right? I'll try to post pictures at some point while I'm there. I took over 300 last time and I didn't even do any partying which always includes a million pictures and I was there for less time. I'm super excited. It should be an interesting and fun week!

Last time I went it was spring break and VERY cold.

Monday, June 8, 2009


I need an opinion. I found these shoes today while shopping with the second grade team. They were originally $90 and I got them for $25. I can return them, but I couldn't let them go and decide I wanted them only to have them not be there anymore. they are black leather with a dark wooden platform and heel. I'm not sure if this is the final outfit but I just need to know, HONESTLY, do I keep the shoes or not? Are they super cute, or too streetwalker?

Full view

Just the legs. Ignore the huge bruise I got at the gym!

Update: I'm taking the shoes back tomorrow. I'd need a whole new outfit and I also think the kidskin/wood combo would look better this fall. As we know, fall=school and I'll be back to flats. They were fun while they lasted.