Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rodeo Run 5k

This morning was the Rodeo Run 5k and 10k. Krissy and I decided to run the 5k since we weren't sure what we could get our mileage up to before the race. It was pretty cold this morning due to the wind but the race didn't start until 9:30 so that was nice. The runners started the Rodeo parade and the floats and hoopla followed. This older runner who was in front of me at the beginning was throwing out candy to little kids. One boy wasn't looking and got smacked in the face with Jolly Ranchers. So funny!
I'm not a fast runner by any means but setting time goals is still important to me. Last summer I wanted to break the 30 minute mark for my 5k but was 25 seconds shy. I've only run one 5k since then and took it easy since I hadn't been keeping up with my speed and mileage over the Christmas holidays. I went for a run on Thursday to see where my 5k time might be. Krissy and I have been focused on mileage and speed has been put on the back burner. I almost died but I made it 3.2 miles running a 9:48 pace. I know that during a race your speed can increase due to adrenaline and the whole 'running with a group' thing. I'd told myself that if I could finally break 30 minutes in a race I'd reward myself. Well, since sweets are out (read previous post Oh, yeah.) I decided that I'd go get a pedicure. I haven't had one since the summer after college graduation and that was almost two years ago. I can't see myself spending the money when it was my own to get my nails done.
So my race time today was (drum roll please) . . . 29:40! It's still slow in the running world but it's a major breakthrough for me. My mile time was 9:34 and I know that the first mile took 10:15ish due to the congestion of a large race. I missed the mile 2 sign so I have no idea how long it took but I know that I really gave it what I had the last mile or so. When I turned that last corner and saw the finish line and what my time was at, I was so excited! I kept thinking, "Pedicure here I come!" It felt great to accomplish a goal not matter what or how small it was.
This post is getting pretty long for me so I'll share my thoughts on large runs another day. I'll also post a race pic if they took one of me later.

Today: 3.1
YTD: 45.4

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, yeah.

Krissy and I have decided to participate in lent even though neither one of us is Catholic. It's a good learning experience no matter what your views on religion are. We're giving up sweets but since we aren't Catholic we gave our selves four 'passes' for birthdays, emergencies, and forgetfulness. We have to make each other aware of when we cheat. Mom has already informed me that she's making brownies for when I visit tomorrow evening. This is going to be hard. Can I cheat on the first day? I guess I'll wait until after my 5k on Saturday, right?

Where am I?

I must be living in some alternate universe. At some point I've moved from knowing people who thought the fact that I ran at all was crazy to knowing people that I'm embarrassed to tell my mileage to. Somewhere along the line it went from "I ran 3 miles!" to "I'm only up to 5 miles." Anyway, Krissy and I headed out for our 'long' run for the week, 5.6 miles. We'd both been to a class at the gym yesterday and felt pretty sore so making it through without stopping was the goal, no matter the time. It took until the last mile to really settle into a rhythm for me and to relax. Talking while out there keeps my mind of of how much longer I have to run. We tend to discuss strange things while on these runs but no, I'm not going to share because she'd kill me and they are too embarrassing. Ha! It was a good run overall and I'm getting myself mentally ready to spend tomorrow making 'recycled' paper with my classes tomorrow. Woo? I'm definitely doing this for them and not me.

Today: 5.6
YTD: 39.1

Thursday, February 12, 2009

All Tuckered Out

I can barely hold my eyes open and it's only 8:30. Maybe it's the fact that I went to sleep at midnight last night, or that I ran 4.8 miles today. I have no idea. I called Nathan when I finished running (5:30 pm) and he said he was at the apartment making dinner. Awesome! I get to eat when I get home. Nope. I won't go into detail but it's a very long story involving my two additional trips to HEB after Nathan's visit earlier in the afternoon and Valentine's madness. The Giada DeLaurentiis lasagna was really good and we have TONS of leftovers so let me know if you'd like some.
Today's run was good and I still think I could force myself to run 10k if need be but I have another month to get ready for it. When I stopped, my legs felt instantly tired and the stupid socks I wore started to make blisters on the inside balls of my feet. I know it's the socks since I only have that problem when I wear that specific type of sock. Next week we'll try 5-5.5 miles depending on the route I can map out. I'm tired. Goodnight.

Today: 4.8
YTD: 28.4

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Nathan and I watched an Alton Brown show (Food Network) a few weeks ago on making pretzels. We really wanted to try but hadn't found the time. Well, today was the day. They were amazing! We want to try a few new things like using wheat flour,and adding different flavors such as cinnamon sugar and jalapeno cheddar but we'll do that another day. I just wanted to share our yummy treats!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Colds and 4.1

I thought I'd share a school story from yesterday along with my running progress. I've had a bit of a stuffy nose for the past few days. Nothing to complain about and I still feel ok. Yesterday I sounded stuffy so the kiddos had been asking me all day if I was sick. In my afternoon class we were doing a water conservation activity and I got that feeling when something is caught in your throat. You know, that itchy feeling that makes your eyes water and you start coughing? Well, the kids are looking at me like I'm on my death bed and even after I get some water I'm still looking pretty bad. The only thing I can do is barely make a whisper so I decide to make the best of it. It was Friday afternoon with less than an hour of school left so the kids were getting wound up. Them :"Can you talk Ms. Bowen?"
Me: "Barely. I'm going to have to whisper. That's all I can do."
Them: "We'll have to be very quite so we can hear you."
Me: "Yes. Yes you will. Ok, here's what I need you to do..."
Muah ha hahahah! It was great. That was the most relaxing Friday afternoon I've had in a while. They are good kids and we always pack up quietly but they were extra careful yesterday. One of my Pakistani kiddos who wears a thermos full of water around his neck come up to me and says, "I know what you need Ms. Bowen." "Yes, S?" "You need to go home and have soup and rest for two days." "I've had soup for the past two days S." "Soup and rest for two days." "Ok, S I'll do my best." Too cute! He was so serious too! They were also worried that I'd have a substitute on Monday and they hated when I was gone. Aww, the little snots do like me! Ha.

Ok, on to running. Krissy and I headed out for a 4.1 mile run yesterday after school. I hate running on Fridays after school but sometimes that's the only day we can get together. The wind was insane. We're going along just fine and then we turned to corner. It felt like running uphill and totally ruined our mile time but the goal was just to get through the run without stopping. Needless to say we rocked it out despite the wind and finished in 44:33. that gives us a mile time of 10:51 but without the wind it would have been around 10:30 I think. A good run none the less and I felt great afterward. I'm thinking about how 6.2 won't be so bad and Krissy says, "I'm worried about 6 miles." It's so funny how the same run can go so differently for people. I'm looking forward to our 4.8 mile run next Thursday.

Today: 4.1 (well, yesterday)
YTD: 19.6

Monday, February 2, 2009

Feeling bold

So I had an awesome run last Thursday and didn't take the time to share. I ran a 3.2 mile loop in 31:57, so a 10 min/mile pace. I consider myself a slow runner so when I head out for a casual run my mile time is usually more like 10:30. I started out feeling great so I decided to see what I could do and still have a relaxing run. I know, I know, relaxing and run are rarely used in the same sentence but if you run on at least a semi-consistent basis you get it. The weather was amazing and when I finished I honestly felt like I could go around another time with no problems. Too bad it would have gotten dark on me or I might have tried. Lord only know if I would have a made it or if I would have ended up half-way finished and just praying to make it back to the car (parked at school).
Still feeling a bit confident from my run I was being bold and signed up for my first 10k. 6.2 miles still seems a bit scary but I know I can do it. If I can do 4 miles, why can't I do 6? Right? If anyone reading this would like to join me, I'm doing the Bayou City Classic on March 14th. I have six weeks to get ready and make sure I won't crap-out. I want to know that I can do it even if my feet and legs feel heavy and I just don't want to run. On a great day I know I'd be able to push myself that far, it's only the bad days that get me. Let me know if you'd like to join!

Today: 3.2
YTD: 15.5 (Too bad I can't count the 5 mile walk Nathan and I had at Brazos Bend State Park!)