Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peacocks and Spillage

Mandy and Dillon got married! (I know both of them through my college roommate Leslie.) They had the wedding and reception at Safari Texas Ranch in Richmond. I've come across the place in looking at venues but didn't look into it since it was too far away. They have all kinds of wild animals (think zebras) roaming the grounds, behind fences of course. When Nathan and I were basically running to the ceremony, we were running a little late, I saw a peacock. I'd just asked Nathan what they sounded like the day before but he couldn't describe it to me. Fast forward to the vows... "I Dillon, take you Mandy..." CAW! CAW! Nathan leans over, "That is what a peacock sounds like!" Ha ha. It made everyone giggle and lightened the mood for sure.

At the reception Nathan hit the bottom of my wine glass and it spilled all over me. Lame. Thank goodness for wearing a washable, knit jersey dress (LOFT of course) and it was dry within 30 min or so. Good thing since they didn't have any hand dryers, only paper towels. Nathan and I took my 'drying time' to work on a wedding playlist based on stuff we heard that night. Multi-tasking for sure.

Overall it was a super fun time and after Stephen's wedding on Saturday, I'll be next! WHOOP!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good Dog, Crazy Dog

(No making fun of how I talk to the dog in a silly voice. Thanks!)
He listens sometimes...

And goes crazy sometimes!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Extravaganza - any lavish or opulent show, event, assemblage, etc.
I'd say the the bridal extravaganza today follows that definition. I wanted to go just so I could say that I had, you know. Like a right of passage or something I guess. I doubt I won anything but you never know. I should find our next week if I did.
My thoughts:
  • The fashion show was lame. I didn't see anything I liked. I think they sent out things to wow the crowd which is not my style. Too big, too poofy, too sparkly, etc.
    I wish they had more free food and cake
  • There are some c-razy brides out there
  • I love my mom, Lauren, and Krissy for their sense of humor
  • I had a good day

Chloe Dao from Project Runway! LOVE!

Krissy, Bridesmaid and Lauren, Maid of Honor

My Mom :)

Why I should win the Fiancee of the Year Award: Getting epoxy from Ralph who Nathan found on Craigslist.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Doggy Daycare

Porter, my animal nephew, has come to visit this week. Chad and Jamie are in Seattle/Vancouver for vacation and I volunteered myself to keep Porter at my apartment. I would consider myself a 'dog person' but I may be reconsidering. I love the little guy, but goodness-gracious, having to take him out to the bathroom all the time is a pain in the butt. Standing out in the rain waiting for a dog to pee is not cool. Even though it's kind of gross, cats going to the bathroom in a box is way easier. Moving on, he and Blanca are not getting along very well. He has no clue that she exists, but she is furious with him for being here. I've never heard her hiss in the past 3 years and she's hissed at him for getting too close 5 times in the past two days. Poor thing. and she's mad at me too! moody little thing. I can't say that I blame her. I'd be mad if it was all about me and then I suddenly had someone come in and take over. Maybe she'll adjust over the next few days... probably not.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


In a little over 8 months time I'll be a married woman. Word. So Nathan was ok with whatever venue I wanted since we aren't following the "being engaged 12-18 months" guideline. We decided that a hotel ballroom was out and we wanted to do it all in one place if possible. I went to Butler's Courtyard last Wednesday and loved it. I went back today and booked it. March 18, 2011. We're hoping to keep it on the smaller side and not invite anyone we ever met just to get gifts. I'm sure there will be some people there I don't know, Nathan's parent's friends and whatnot, but I don't want to spend the entire night wondering who in the heck is at my wedding. Whatever. Here's a few pics we took today and a super cute gift from Mrs. Kenas.
I'll be getting married in THIS SPOT in 255 days.

Wedding magazines! A planning book! And a bag with a new initial on it! (Too bad it took me about ten seconds to realize why there was an 'S' on it. HA!)

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Next chapter, here I come! Nathan proposed last Friday and we're getting married!!! WHOOP! I had poked and proded for a while (to say the least) but wasn't thinking it would happen before he left again. Crazy!

Short proposal story: Went to the beach to look for seaglass (he knows I love that and calls me a seaglass crackhead), he "found" some and was down on one knee. He asks me and I start screaming, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" about three octaves above me normal voice. I eventually say yes.

The past week has been tiring and it's only the beginning. HA! I've been drving down to Mom and Dad's almost everyday which is the tiring part. (Thank goodness I only have a five minute commute to work or I'd never survive.)

First things first, the venue. Nathan and I want to get married and have the reception in the same place. We don't have any ties to the churches we went to as children and neither one of us attends church on a weekly basis, it;s more like a bi-yearly basis. Anyway, I saw a few places today and LOVED Butler's Courtyard. the only thing I worry about it weather and having to pay for a tent because of it. I also wish Nathan was here to help me. Lame.
Here are some pictures if you didn't see them on Facebook.