Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little Nathan

My Dad is making a slideshow for Nathan and I's rehearsal dinner. I got the fantastic job of going through Nathan's mom's photo albums for pictures. Fun, right? It was, until I had to go through and scan every picture twice. The first time I went through them the scanner was jacked up and all 250 pictures came our crappy. (Why did I scan 250 pictures? I'm indecisive and also had no idea what my Dad was looking for. I also wanted them scanned so if I needed them for anything in the future it would already be done. Not to mention that if there was a fire or something at his parent's house all of those pictures would get destroyed forever. ) So I got to scan all of the pictures all over again. Yeehaw! Here are a few of my favorites...

Nathan's grandpa Walter

Blond hair!

Troublemaker :)

Panda. Very original. Panda was in a million pictures.

It's the overalls and sippy cup that up the cuteness.

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