Monday, June 8, 2009


I need an opinion. I found these shoes today while shopping with the second grade team. They were originally $90 and I got them for $25. I can return them, but I couldn't let them go and decide I wanted them only to have them not be there anymore. they are black leather with a dark wooden platform and heel. I'm not sure if this is the final outfit but I just need to know, HONESTLY, do I keep the shoes or not? Are they super cute, or too streetwalker?

Full view

Just the legs. Ignore the huge bruise I got at the gym!

Update: I'm taking the shoes back tomorrow. I'd need a whole new outfit and I also think the kidskin/wood combo would look better this fall. As we know, fall=school and I'll be back to flats. They were fun while they lasted.


  1. I can't make the pictures bigger but they seem pretty cute. If you wear them with shorts you might pair that with a shirt with sleeves. They seem slightly more "winter" than the sleeveless/shorts outfit. The shoes themselves seem fun!

  2. Hanna would love these shoes, though I couldn't walk in them! I think they are cute, but might look better with a longer skirt, just to make the ensemble more proportional. Does that make sense?