Saturday, July 11, 2009

I'm a Planner

I tend to over think and plan everything. Nathan enjoys flying by the seat of his pants. I decided to let what we do in Puerto Rico just happen day by day but I couldn't let my sleeping arrangements happen that way. Nathan wasn't doing to research and seeing what kind of dirty, funky places they have over there. I'm not a total priss but I'm not sleeping somewhere with blood and other stains on the sheets. I used Trip Advisor for most of my research because people post their own photos which is very helpful in comparing them to what the hotel website says and shows. It worked out wonderfully for our trip to NYC last month. All the reviews were fantastic and we experienced the same. I'm hoping it works out just as well this time.
All the hotel chains are super expensive $300+ and anywhere less than $100 is most likely a dump. We needed four different places to stay along the way around the island. After hotel taxes our hotels are costing about $125/night. This took extensive research but what else am I doing this summer. I'll post pics and links later along with our tentative itinerary. Adios!

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