Monday, February 1, 2010

"Me" Time

I need a little "me" time. Yes, yes, laugh it up. The girl who lives alone and who's boyfriend has been offshore for two months needs some "me" time. Let me clarify my situation for you and you might understand me. . . if you are a runner. It's been two weeks since the half marathon. When I was training for it I ran with Krissy on three of my days (full of gossip and venting- which I needed) and did my long run all by myself. I also enjoyed running alone and being alone with my thoughts. I took a week off basically and have since spent all of my runs with my running buddies or on the treadmill at the gym surrounded more people. All I want right now is a run with sunny weather ALL BY MYSELF. I enjoy running for it's selfishness. I don't need/rely on a team. It's all about me, and even though I love my running buddies and enjoy having a gym to go to when the weather is crappy, I need a good run - all alone. :)
Oh, yeah - I went to the gym to meet a trainer today for a free "yay you are a part of our gym now pay us even more money to train you" session. Anyway, I found out my body fat %. Always interesting, right. I've been working hard at eating well (especially before the half) and obviously running. I'm down to 19%. I was 25% last summer. Sweet. Now, if I can add in strength training to my workouts, I should be all set by swim suit season. :)
I am thinking about giving up sweets again for Lent even though I'm not Catholic. I think is good for me to give something up that I LOVE so much. If I could do it last year I can do it again. Thoughts?

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