Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew!!!!!

I HATE MY NEIGHBORS! Yes, I said HATE. I've already told Nathan when he gets backs that he has to say something to them. (I'm too much of a wimp!) It used to be just a girl and her small dog. The boyfriend would come to visit on weekends sometimes and bring his gigantic boxer with him. The dog ran around like crazy for a few days and drove me nuts but it was over soon enough and wasn't TOO bothersome. Now, he's moved in! The dogs run around like crazy all day, he walks around like a cow and between the two, my entire apartment shakes (including my floor) and it even makes my lightbulbs in ceiling blow out! OMG! It's not only during the day but super late at night as well. It gets better though... last night I was trying to go to sleep when I began to hear, well, rhythmic squeaking. Um, NO NO NO NO NO! I think she was faking it! And yes, I heard her. GROSS GROSS GROSS! It is time to move! Can I call the cops or something? I have to move, NOW!

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