Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Nathan and I decided to save money and go low-key for Spring Break. We're at a friends lakehouse in Hemphill, TX (East TX, near Louisianna on Toledo Bend Lake). Anyway, not much has been going on which is good. I did have a pretty great run this morning! I'm not used to hills by any means and goodness knows there are some hills around here. I ended up doing the run at a 9:57 pace which I am very excited about. I was worried that the incline would slow me down too much but I decided to tackle them head on and ran a negative split (it was out and back). After I got back to the house, I took our friends dog out for a walk and finished out about an hour of exercise. It felt good.
I signed up for two more races: Blue Bell 10k (04/17) and Astros Run for the Pennant 5k (05/30). Krissy and I have also decided to start a training cycle for a mock half-marathon. We want to test out the plan (from RunnersWorld) and decide if we like it more/less than the one Stephen made for me last time. It'll be getting hot soon so I'm enjoying the awesome running weather as much as I can while it lasts. Later!

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