Monday, October 11, 2010

Poor thing. :(

Yesterday I was taking care of some wedding details and had to run in to Alfred Angelo for some bridesmaid stuff. While walking in I noticed the two girls who were ahead of me in line. (Warning: I'm an eaves dropper!) Here's how their conversation with the sales woman went:
Sales Lady: "Good afternoon. What can I help you with?"
Two Girls: "Do you have any pants suits?"
SL: "Hmm, let me see... We only had one and it's been discontinued. You could buy the sample if if fits. When is the wedding?
TG: "November 12"
SL: " Ooo. I don't know if we can get it cleaned for you in time. It would come in the week of the wedding. Would you like to see it?"
TG: "Sure. Why not?"
The sales lady proceeds to put out the most horrible pant suit known to man. (No wonder it was discontinued!) The girl didn't like it but was going to try it on because they were having trouble finding an ivory pant suit. I felt bad for her. I'm marrying a man and want to wear a dress. There are a ton of them out there. She wants to marry a woman and wear a pant suit and can't find anything. (And before you roll your eyes and think, "Well, if she was marrying a guy and wearing a dress she wouldn't have that problem," we supposedly live in a 'free' country and she should be able to marry whoever she wants. It's about equal rights and not judging others people! Moving on...) I figured that a store like Alfred Angelo would cater to all types more so than a boutique. Poor thing.

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