Thursday, February 10, 2011

Creepy Uncle Moe

I got to pick up my wedding dress today! SO EXCITING! If you had your dress altared at Sew-It-Seams then you've met Ana. She cracks me up! I was told that after I put on my dress today that I would get some dress ettiquite lessons. Do-what?! I'm going to share a few of my favorites. :)
(She also thought Krissy was my younger sister! LMAO! I didn't have the heart to correct her!)
"Everyone thinks its funny when the guy drinks too much and ends up in the bed of a truck, drunk. Girls don't look good drunk and no one thinks it funny, so don't do it."
"There's always a creepy Uncle Moe who wants to cop a feel. Hold onto your wine glass for dear life to block him."
"You're going to need to pee at some point during the night. You'll need to get a plastic bag and a shower curtain."
"You'll need to be potty trained."
"You're boobs will be in your throat if I do that."
"I have made your butt look fantastic. Wow, I'm good."
"It's going to be tight. Beauty hurts."
I spent the whole time laughing. 36 days and counting! CRAZY!

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