Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Shopping! And Running!

I went shopping with mom yesterday and she wanted to make a pit stop by Stein Mart. I have hated that place ever since I got drug there in my teenage years and had to spend what felt like days waiting for mom to try things on. I reluctantly went in since she promised only to look for shoes. I saw a cuper cute white, cotton, Calvin Klein dress on the maniquin and went to investigate. Only size 12 and above. Drat! I was on the hunt though. Although the racks were very out of order which drives me nuts I proceeded to dig. I found a dress to wear out at night that was originally $210 and scored it for only $30! Who in their right mind would pay that much for a party dress made out of some material called Viscose or something like that?! It's not even a fancy fabric. I also got another black party dress because you can never have too many and it was $28. Anyway, we proceeded to run other errands and finished up at DSW where I fell in love with a pair a black, silk espadrilles. Love them! And the dress even though they don't go together. I just wanted to share my successes!

It's got beady things (like that term?) at the neck and a keyhole in the front.

Shut-up! Who would pay that much?!

I don't like this pic of the shoes but it's the best I can do when I'm lazy!

I also hit a milestone during my run today. I went out for 5.1 miles and did a 9:1, run:walk pattern since I haven't been that far in a while. I ran it in 50:41 and that included my walking. I'm on a roll after my running break! I ran a 28:40 5k on Thursday too! Anyway, when I got home and was putting it into my running log I realized that I'd crossed the 100 mile mark today! I wanted to hit a couple of weeks ago and things didn't work out so I'd forgotten about it. I was very excited and am hoping to pick it up and hit at least 350 by the end of the year. Congrats to me! I wanted to brag on myself. :)
Today: 5.1
YTD: 101.7

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  1. Man! I want to go to those places so bad. I ordered something online from DSW and it took over a month to get here. I miss Texas!