Monday, April 27, 2009

I'm an idiot.

Krissy and I joined a new gym last week. Our other gym suddenly closed about 6 weeks ago and I felt a little lost. This was only a bummer and not a problem until the rain started this spring. No more running. Bad. This place is slightly ($5) more expensive than the other place but it has a spinning class that I'm excited about.
Well, when we signed up and I got a super sweet deal with Nathan (Buy one, get one), which he paid for (I love you!), the trainer guy gave us a free session. We went back last Friday and got measured for body fat, bad :(, and did a little work out. I was sore all weekend and was all excited about getting a trainer. The dude's flyer said that for the "90 day Transformation" you get 5 sessions per month = $289. Krissy and I both thought this was the total price for all 90 days. WRONG! I have no idea how much a trainer costs and I thought $20 an hour was reasonable. You just tell me what to do and I do it. Not exactly hard work, you know? It's $289 per month! Um, this dude is pulling down like $80k+ a year. WTF!
Anyway, I had to pull Krissy aside and freak out. I was going to pay for all of it when it was $289. I wanted to do it and wanted a buddy so I was doing it as a gift. I can't afford $867 for a trainer for three months. My take home pay is only $31.5k. I felt embarrassed to have to go back in the trainer dude's room and tell him that I couldn't do it, but sorry, I'm poor. I only make $21 an hour that I actually take home. I can't afford to pay you $60 and hour to work me out at the gym.

By the way: No more sweets until school is out. I'm putting myself through another lent of sorts. I've been out of control!

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  1. I make about 10 dollars an hour if that makes you feel better :)