Tuesday, April 13, 2010


And not the good tiiight! The bad tight. The my pants don't fit and I'm getting a muffin top tight. After the half-marathon I relaxed on my diet and it shows. The lack of miles and lazy/relaxed eating habits caught up with me. I guess eating peanut butter (at least it was organic right?) out of the jar with a spoon will do that to you. Lame.
As of marathon day I was 122 lbs. which is the lowest I'd been since junior year of high school. I loved it. I felt like I could wear anything in my closet without hesitation and really felt good about myself. then I got to the point where I was last Friday: on the verge of a panic attack in my closet because all of my pants/tops felt and looked too tight. Maybe other people feel comfortable with a pooch but I do not. It was the final kick in the rear that I needed. I'd been 'trying' to eat healthier but it wasn't working. I'd still sit down and scarf dark chocolate peanut M&M's like I was going to die in the next five minutes.
Now, I'm prepared for eye rolling and nasty under the breath comments. I weighed in Sunday at 132.5. Not overweight I know, but still more than I am comfortable with. I want to get dressed in the morning and wear anything in my closet, not try on tons of clothes to find something that buttons with ease and doesn't make me feel crappy. I am very hard on myself, I know. I also know how much better I felt about myself before.
Picture time. I decided to do the unthinkable and post pics of my progress... in a bathing suit. Terrible I know. I did cut my head off because I just woke up and looked VERY unhappy. Maybe that would have made a better 'before' shot? I'll give you an update every two weeks or so. I've never lost more than .5 per week so I'm hoping to be down to 129-130 by the time school gets out. Why is it so much harder to lose it than to gain it? Moving on... I can't believe I'm actually doing this.
Please ignore the terrible running tan lines. :)

Tomorrow's blog... the reward jar!

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