Sunday, May 9, 2010

1 step down, 1 to go...

No change again in weight (dang it!). I worked out M-Sa this week and feel like a have a workout schedule back under control. Eating is another story. Some days were really good and I stuck to my plan, most days were bad/out of control though. But, I have a plan for this week! After the mother's day festivities today, I have a meal plan for each day through Saturday. It's following Jillian Michael's Master Your Metabolism book. Basically you are eating/not eating certain foods at certain times of the day to balance your hormone levels/cravings/sugar highs and lows/etc. It worked and was filling for me before, so it's time to eat well again. NO processed foods and mainly organic. Here's the workout and eating plans for this week:
M- Blast Fat, Boost Metabolism DVD
T- Running
W- No More Trouble Zones DVD
Th- Running
F- 30 Day Shred DVD
Sa- Running
S- Rest
M- Egg whites & grapefruit; Southwest chicken salad; apple w/ walnuts; tilapia w/ roasted veg.
T- Berry Smoothie; salad w/ chicken; carrots w/ hummus; salmon w/ veg.
W-Breakfast Burrito; sirloin w/ brown rice; apple w/ greek yogurt; pork chop w/ green beans
Th-Berry Sm.; Southwest chicken salad; carrots w/ hummus; turkey tenderloin w/ asparagus
F- cottage cheese w/ grapefruit; tuna sand w/ carrots; apple w/ walnuts; tilapia w/ roasted veg.
Sa- Breakfast Bur.; Hot tuna sand.; greek yogurt w/ blueberries; chicken w/ salad
I've done it before so I know I can do it again! Wish me luck!
I'm hoping to see some changes for next week!

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