Sunday, May 2, 2010


No change in my weight this week. It must have been all the baklava (combined with going to the movies on Friday and downing Raisinets, Twizzlers, and Sour Patch Kids after we'd gone out to eat and I had an Oreo milkshake). So good. :) The girls and I decided May 1 was a good time to start over again so I was a good girl yesterday and so far today. I also picked up 'No More Trouble Zones' and 'Banish Fat Boost Metabolism' by Jillian Michaels at Target on sale. I already have her '30 Day Shred' video. I did the Touble Zones yesterday and I actually called her evil to the TV like she could hear me or something. Krissy and I are going to do the Metabolism one after school on Monday. Hopefully I'll be looking and feeling fantastic by the time school gets out!

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