Sunday, August 8, 2010

Southern Florida

Last week Nathan and I headed to Florida for a last minute vacation. Heath convinced us to meet him down in the Keys to hang out. Heath had to go back to work before we got there so we headed down to hang out with his gf Beth. Her mom grew up in Big Pine Key and they still have a house down there. We decided to spend two days in the Keys and two days in Miami. Here's a few pictures...
We went on a snorkle trip to Looe Key and saw a Reef Shark! Nathan laughed at me because I was swimming after it like crazy trying to take pictures. It wasn't scary at all so why not follow him, right?!
It's only the Southernmost Point if you can't figure out how to sneak onto gov't or private property, or don't want to pay money. I told Nathan that we need to hit up the Noth, West, and East points now.
Beth's dad (an A&M professor, WHOOP!) has studied Key Deer for 40 years or so. We learned lots of info about them while we were there. They are endangered but not very afraid of people. It's illegal to feed them but we still got to pet them! They are endangered because to the lack of space. They are found on Big Pine Key and No Name Key and not really anywhere else. They only allow two homes per year to be built on Big Pine Key no to help preserve their habitat.
Nathan's big Tarpon. Different environment than our Tarpon adventure last summer, but same result. I have other pictures when he's picking it up out of the water. Yes, that's me running around in the background like a nut.
An airboat tour of the Everglades was a must, no matter how touristy and cheesy. Our boat was filled with European tourists. Heck, all of Miami and South Beach was filled with European tourists! Anyway, they were enamoured with the herons and egrets flying around and almost went to the bathroom all over themselves when they saw an alligator. I guess Nathan and I are jaded by the sight of an alligator.
Nathan and I were keen on hitting up two National Parks in one day: Everglades and Biscayne. Success! you can't see it in this picture but downtown Miami is in the background. It's a small park but pretty none the less.
At least once every vacation I want to get a little dressed up and go out to a nice dinner. We were tired of Cuban food so we went to an Italian place within walking distance from the hotel. It was amazing! Our pastas were fan-stinkin-tastic and I wanted to die while eating desert. It could have been my last meal for all I cared. Any desert made from dark chocolate that oozed out more chocolate and had vanilla bean ice cream has my name on it!
Oh, you didn't know that I have my own beach. I forgot to tell you! We didn't stay at the Nikki Beach hotel but I sure did take a cheesy tourist picture next to it! (And yes, the green dress in almost every picture was my go-to lazy/beach dress for the trip.)
Standard beach picture. This was a few minutes before we saw some topless Euro chick. Um, no. I am obviously a prude american because I couldn't get over it. What about the small children on the beach?! what about creep-os who would take pictures?! I don't think I'll be topless on a beach anytime soon.

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