Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Peacocks and Spillage

Mandy and Dillon got married! (I know both of them through my college roommate Leslie.) They had the wedding and reception at Safari Texas Ranch in Richmond. I've come across the place in looking at venues but didn't look into it since it was too far away. They have all kinds of wild animals (think zebras) roaming the grounds, behind fences of course. When Nathan and I were basically running to the ceremony, we were running a little late, I saw a peacock. I'd just asked Nathan what they sounded like the day before but he couldn't describe it to me. Fast forward to the vows... "I Dillon, take you Mandy..." CAW! CAW! Nathan leans over, "That is what a peacock sounds like!" Ha ha. It made everyone giggle and lightened the mood for sure.

At the reception Nathan hit the bottom of my wine glass and it spilled all over me. Lame. Thank goodness for wearing a washable, knit jersey dress (LOFT of course) and it was dry within 30 min or so. Good thing since they didn't have any hand dryers, only paper towels. Nathan and I took my 'drying time' to work on a wedding playlist based on stuff we heard that night. Multi-tasking for sure.

Overall it was a super fun time and after Stephen's wedding on Saturday, I'll be next! WHOOP!

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