Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bayou City Classic 10k

Laura and I ran yesterday morning and it went well. Thank goodness it didn't rain even though it was freezing before the race started due to the wind downtown. I provided the stats and I'll post pics when Laura e-mails them to me. Her hubby came out in the cold to support her and snapped some action shots. We ran a negative split (the second 5k was faster than the first) so that's good and my second 5k was as fast as the 5k I ran two weeks ago. That's exciting because I can definitely start to push my 5k pace.

Place (age group) 30
Place Overall 935
Age 24
1st 5k
Rank 31
5k 33:30
Pace 10:23
2nd 5k
Rank 26
5k 29:39
Pace 9:34

Chip Time 1:01:50
Gun time 1:03:09
Overall Pace 9:58

YTD: 71.2 miles

No, we didn't plan our outfits!
I look like a giant compared to Laura!

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