Monday, March 9, 2009

I blame the media

In the spirit of things being whacked out today (my stomach, my sleep pattern) I decided to share a story about my crazy kiddos. So this afternoon, one of my girls walks up and says she found this note next to her cubby with a worried look on her face. I'm thinking "Awesome. Someone is calling another kid stupid, fat, ugly, etc." Not so much. On the front there are multiple pictures of stickmen in baseball hats pointing guns at each other with bullets spewing all over the place and the stickmen are all saying "Boom!" I'm still not too worried at this point because although isn't not appropriate for school, a talking to, a clip pull, and a note to mom can fix it. Well, then I turn it over. Are you ready for the language? This time a stickman has a gun pointed at another one and the bullets are flying toward him but the gunman is saying "Who is the bitch now fucker." Um, SAY WHAT?! All spelling correctly might I add. Oh yes. From a second grader. I knew it was from my morning class and I recognized the baseball hats in the drawing so I knew who it was. I flew next door and interrupt my partner to start ranting about how livid I am and demanding to know who did it. Selina was lost until I showed her, to which she joins in my fury. I don't always handle situations the best way but I don't think putting on the "I need to know who did this. It's very bad." sweet voice is going to help either. They had about 20 minutes until the end of the day and we told them to fess up or the principal would be down the next morning wasting my time (big no no) and asking each kid if they knew anything about it. Fingers start flying to two kids. One was my suspect. After school I ask the kid if he did it and he lied straight to my face of course. Like we won't figure it out and they be mad that you lied! Hello?! Anyway, Selina interrogated him after I went to after-school duty and he starts crying and confesses. I wrote him up after school and it will be interesting to see what they do with him. His excuse was that in art class this morning, "She said we can draw whatever we want."

I apologize for ny grammatical errors. I hate re-reading and type quickly in run-on sentences, just like I think.

Update: He got ISS for two days and his mom wanted even more. Boy is he going to get it at home! Poor kid. I've met mom. It's not going to be pretty.

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