Friday, March 13, 2009

Precipitation Issues

I'm running in the Bayou City Classic 10k tomorrow morning. It'll be my first 10k ever. The weather has decided not to cooperate. The forecast is 44F with a chance of rain, at 86% humidity. The 'feels like' temp. is going to be 39F with wind of 10 mph. No bueno. I went to Academy after school and got what I thought was a water resistant jacket (lightweight). I came home to test is and the water soaked right in. Great. I spent the next few hours fretting since I didn't know what to wear and I couldn't find what I was looking for. I wanted a VERY lightweight waterproof jacket. I remember that I picked up a race packet at this place called Luke's Locker in Rice Village. It was only 20 min. away so I decided to head over there. (I would have gone right down the street to On The Run but they have a more limited selection.) Anyway, when I got there I told the saleslady what I was looking for and she proceeded to ask me if I was running in the 10k tomorrow. People had been coming in all day looking for stuff. She took me to the sale rack where I got a super sweet deal. I got a $70 Asics Rapido jacket for only $25! Running clothes are highly specialized so I understand higher prices but I'm always looking for a deal. They'd put in on the sale rack since winter is coming to an end around here. Sweet. I love getting things at 60% off!
Here are the pics for those few people who care.

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  1. Nice deal! Good luck with the race today.

    I love shopping in Texas because I can buy all the "winter" type things that you don't wear there on super sale, then wear them year round over here!