Wednesday, September 2, 2009

He's back! (Almost)

Nathan is flying back as I type. Although he has a late flight and I'm going to look sleepy tomorrow, I am ecstatic to have him back! Five weeks is much better than the seven he spent in Australia but long none the less. Any of you who cry about having their significant other go out of town for the week or weekend have no clue. (I love you, but I have no sympathy. The only group of people who have it worse are the military spouses who have their husbands or wives shipped of for who even knows how long.) Anyway, NATHAN'S COMING BACK! I leave in an hour to pick him up at IAH. I about to jump up and down out of excitement!

No, I did not ask him to sit like that. He was just staring out at the ocean. He's cute. :)

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