Thursday, September 17, 2009

I almost cried

Sorry. This won't be a sad story. It's a "laugh until you almost cry" story. So I try to train my kids at school to line up at recess by looking for me with my hand raised and that way I don't have to carry a whistle outside. It worked last year and it's going pretty well this year. We were outside for our 10 minutes after lunch (exciting) today and I see one of my kiddos getting into a huge pile of sand behind the playground. Why the pile is there, I have no clue. I go back there to pretend to be mad about it (I could care less but I know they shouldn't be there) and after I fake get mad at them I turn around and see most of my class bolting for the doors. Huh?! What in the heck are they doing? Then it hits me. They think I've left them outside! HA HA! They are freaking out and climbing all over each other to get in the doors and I'm standing there laughing at them. It was awesome. I love freaking them out like that. Mean, maybe. Funny, yes. They procede to run indoors and start running down the hallway to try and catch me. They slammed the door in one girls face and she got left outside beating on the doors yelling for someone to let her in. Poor thing. She got sacrificed. Anyway, another second grade teacher asked them what the heck they were doing and sent them back outside. They came back looking bewildered but no worse for the wear. I told them they did the right thing since they thought I went inside but to check with one of other teachers first. So funny. It still makes me smile.

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