Sunday, December 20, 2009

Um, I love it!?

Teachers get some interesting gifts for Christmas. I usually put them into one of three categories. Here are a few from each this year. . .

Awesome! I love it!:
$25 Visa debit card
$50 gift card to Pappas chain restaurants
$25 gift card to Target
Super cute gift bags that I can reuse :)
Nice, but not something I needed/wanted:
$20 to Bath and Body Works (I'm not a smelly bath person. It irritates my skin.)
Cute, plaid scarf
Ornament one of the kids painted
Good smelling (thank goodness) Yankee Candle
Brownies in a Jar
Fleece throw with cats on it (it must be a present for Blanca)
You should have saved your money:
Stinky lotion
Assorted candies
Ugly soup bowl
'Love' necklace from Claire's
Stinky candles
Note to parents: When in doubt, get your child's teacher a gift card. They will most likely love it and be very excited to use it.

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