Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Resolution time!

Last year's resolution was a success! Instead of choosing something that was out of reach or impossible to actually do for a year, I tried to think of something I could succeed at. I decided to make my resolution keeping a running journal. It would allow me to see how far I have come and set future goals. I have really enjoyed it and plan to keep it up as long as I am running. That leads me to this year's resolutions: running more miles and keeping a food journal.
After tomorrow I will have run approx. 382 miles for the year. Not bad, but I can do more. I took off 9 solid weeks over the summer due to laziness. It gives me an average of 7.3 miles per week. Lame. Last week I put in 19 miles. That average stinks. My goal for next year is at least 520 miles. It shouldn't be a problem if I keep up the running through the heat of summer but I'm thinking realistically here. I may adjust my goal as 2010 progresses because I'll hopefully be training for the 2011 Houston Marathon!
Keeping a food journal is less about weight management and more about running. At this point I know what foods help me feel good and therefore run better but temptation is too great. I don't plan on being a freak but if I had to write down that I ate 4 sugar cookies, 2 pieces of fudge, and sat down with a jar of Nutella tonight (yes, I ate all of that :) ) I might think twice about it. When I've kept a food journal in the past it helps me to monitor my sweets (mmm) and keeps me in check. I feel so much better when I eat well and am able to avoid looking bloated to the point where I look pregnant. Not fun.
Anyway, share your resolutions and/or goals if you would like! I'm interested!

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