Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Warning: Calm venting to follow. I feel that if I say it here I can let it go and move on.

I'm pretty sure that everyone has work drama. I have avoided it for the past two years. Apparently my luck has run out. I feel that things started as soon as I was made Grade Level Chair for second grade. Hearing that members of your team are 'talking about you' is not only annoying but hurtful. Many problems can be taken care of if people would communicate with each other. If something isn't working or I have offended you, YOU HAVE TO LET ME KNOW! As for personality conflicts, I can't help you. I am not bothered if you think I have a comment for everything (um, like you don't) and it annoys you. I also cannot help you when you lie to myself and others and continually spread the drama by not keeping your mouth shut. You don't need to repeat every word someone says to you and take it out of context. So when you starting thinking that I have an attitude again because I'm not talking all the time work anymore it's because anything I say can be used against me and I refuse to give you ammo. I also do not want to be associated with any coworkers who belittle seven and eight year olds. Yes, the students are scared of you and you know it. Who cares if you are a great teacher of the curriculum and you have good scores. If you make children feel like crap what good are you doing? I cannot change that I was picked from GLC over you and your buddy. You are just like the last GLC and they wanted something different.

It's time for me to continue doing my job and living in my little bubble of a classroom. Dwell on the positive and not the negative. :) Better thoughts: I signed up for the Rodeo Run 10k today! It gives me something to look forward to and focus on after the half marathon in January. That day will be an attempt to set a PR. Yay for me!

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