Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where am I?

I must be living in some alternate universe. At some point I've moved from knowing people who thought the fact that I ran at all was crazy to knowing people that I'm embarrassed to tell my mileage to. Somewhere along the line it went from "I ran 3 miles!" to "I'm only up to 5 miles." Anyway, Krissy and I headed out for our 'long' run for the week, 5.6 miles. We'd both been to a class at the gym yesterday and felt pretty sore so making it through without stopping was the goal, no matter the time. It took until the last mile to really settle into a rhythm for me and to relax. Talking while out there keeps my mind of of how much longer I have to run. We tend to discuss strange things while on these runs but no, I'm not going to share because she'd kill me and they are too embarrassing. Ha! It was a good run overall and I'm getting myself mentally ready to spend tomorrow making 'recycled' paper with my classes tomorrow. Woo? I'm definitely doing this for them and not me.

Today: 5.6
YTD: 39.1

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