Saturday, February 7, 2009

Colds and 4.1

I thought I'd share a school story from yesterday along with my running progress. I've had a bit of a stuffy nose for the past few days. Nothing to complain about and I still feel ok. Yesterday I sounded stuffy so the kiddos had been asking me all day if I was sick. In my afternoon class we were doing a water conservation activity and I got that feeling when something is caught in your throat. You know, that itchy feeling that makes your eyes water and you start coughing? Well, the kids are looking at me like I'm on my death bed and even after I get some water I'm still looking pretty bad. The only thing I can do is barely make a whisper so I decide to make the best of it. It was Friday afternoon with less than an hour of school left so the kids were getting wound up. Them :"Can you talk Ms. Bowen?"
Me: "Barely. I'm going to have to whisper. That's all I can do."
Them: "We'll have to be very quite so we can hear you."
Me: "Yes. Yes you will. Ok, here's what I need you to do..."
Muah ha hahahah! It was great. That was the most relaxing Friday afternoon I've had in a while. They are good kids and we always pack up quietly but they were extra careful yesterday. One of my Pakistani kiddos who wears a thermos full of water around his neck come up to me and says, "I know what you need Ms. Bowen." "Yes, S?" "You need to go home and have soup and rest for two days." "I've had soup for the past two days S." "Soup and rest for two days." "Ok, S I'll do my best." Too cute! He was so serious too! They were also worried that I'd have a substitute on Monday and they hated when I was gone. Aww, the little snots do like me! Ha.

Ok, on to running. Krissy and I headed out for a 4.1 mile run yesterday after school. I hate running on Fridays after school but sometimes that's the only day we can get together. The wind was insane. We're going along just fine and then we turned to corner. It felt like running uphill and totally ruined our mile time but the goal was just to get through the run without stopping. Needless to say we rocked it out despite the wind and finished in 44:33. that gives us a mile time of 10:51 but without the wind it would have been around 10:30 I think. A good run none the less and I felt great afterward. I'm thinking about how 6.2 won't be so bad and Krissy says, "I'm worried about 6 miles." It's so funny how the same run can go so differently for people. I'm looking forward to our 4.8 mile run next Thursday.

Today: 4.1 (well, yesterday)
YTD: 19.6

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