Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rodeo Run 5k

This morning was the Rodeo Run 5k and 10k. Krissy and I decided to run the 5k since we weren't sure what we could get our mileage up to before the race. It was pretty cold this morning due to the wind but the race didn't start until 9:30 so that was nice. The runners started the Rodeo parade and the floats and hoopla followed. This older runner who was in front of me at the beginning was throwing out candy to little kids. One boy wasn't looking and got smacked in the face with Jolly Ranchers. So funny!
I'm not a fast runner by any means but setting time goals is still important to me. Last summer I wanted to break the 30 minute mark for my 5k but was 25 seconds shy. I've only run one 5k since then and took it easy since I hadn't been keeping up with my speed and mileage over the Christmas holidays. I went for a run on Thursday to see where my 5k time might be. Krissy and I have been focused on mileage and speed has been put on the back burner. I almost died but I made it 3.2 miles running a 9:48 pace. I know that during a race your speed can increase due to adrenaline and the whole 'running with a group' thing. I'd told myself that if I could finally break 30 minutes in a race I'd reward myself. Well, since sweets are out (read previous post Oh, yeah.) I decided that I'd go get a pedicure. I haven't had one since the summer after college graduation and that was almost two years ago. I can't see myself spending the money when it was my own to get my nails done.
So my race time today was (drum roll please) . . . 29:40! It's still slow in the running world but it's a major breakthrough for me. My mile time was 9:34 and I know that the first mile took 10:15ish due to the congestion of a large race. I missed the mile 2 sign so I have no idea how long it took but I know that I really gave it what I had the last mile or so. When I turned that last corner and saw the finish line and what my time was at, I was so excited! I kept thinking, "Pedicure here I come!" It felt great to accomplish a goal not matter what or how small it was.
This post is getting pretty long for me so I'll share my thoughts on large runs another day. I'll also post a race pic if they took one of me later.

Today: 3.1
YTD: 45.4

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  1. Good job Nikki!! I'm so proud of you! Enjoy the foot rub! Look forward to our race in a couple weeks!