Thursday, July 1, 2010


Next chapter, here I come! Nathan proposed last Friday and we're getting married!!! WHOOP! I had poked and proded for a while (to say the least) but wasn't thinking it would happen before he left again. Crazy!

Short proposal story: Went to the beach to look for seaglass (he knows I love that and calls me a seaglass crackhead), he "found" some and was down on one knee. He asks me and I start screaming, "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" about three octaves above me normal voice. I eventually say yes.

The past week has been tiring and it's only the beginning. HA! I've been drving down to Mom and Dad's almost everyday which is the tiring part. (Thank goodness I only have a five minute commute to work or I'd never survive.)

First things first, the venue. Nathan and I want to get married and have the reception in the same place. We don't have any ties to the churches we went to as children and neither one of us attends church on a weekly basis, it;s more like a bi-yearly basis. Anyway, I saw a few places today and LOVED Butler's Courtyard. the only thing I worry about it weather and having to pay for a tent because of it. I also wish Nathan was here to help me. Lame.
Here are some pictures if you didn't see them on Facebook.

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  1. We had our reception there in June, and didn't have to do a tent. Although, I think they had one as backup in case of rain. Why are you thinking you might need one? What date are you thinking? Planning a wedding is so fun! Enjoy it because it goes by fast!