Friday, January 23, 2009

Hitting the Pavement

Krissy and I headed out for a run after school today. Maybe not the best idea to head out for our "long run" on a Friday afternoon. Teaching is an energy draining job, but I've been lower on my mileage than I wanted to be at this point on the year. I've been taking outside cardio classes twice a week and one pilates class a week so I haven't been sitting around doing nothing. Anyway, back to today's run. We set out for a 3.7 mile loop around the neighborhood and our school. Our feet and legs felt heavy but I was determined not to stop and walk any of it. We made a brief pause due to Krissy's leg cramp but made it through. I got excited about the prospect of finishing with about a mile to go and picked up the pace. Krissy wasn't feeling it so I became her cheerleader. I'm sure she will need to return the favor sometime soon. Our pace was only 10:38/mile but on a Friday after a day at school that was all I could ask for. I might have pushed it had I been out on my own, but I truly enjoy having a running buddy. Truth be told, I might have skipped the run altogether had I not had someone to go with.

An update on my mileage-
Today: 3.7
YTD: 9.3 (Boo)

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