Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I think I'm going to be sick!

Ok, so I was grading a large stack of papers tonight just because it's a necessary evil. So I was thinking about how many papers we teachers grade. The numbers are staggering! Ok, so here's the breakdown.
  • I'm required to grade 9 assignments in each of my three subjects (math, science, and social studies) each nine-weeks grading period.
  • I currently teach 43 students between my two classes.
  • Each week I have to grade (43x3) 129 papers.
  • Even if it only takes one minutes each, I'm still spending two hours each week on grading.
  • We have 36 weeks of school.
  • This school year I will grade AT LEAST. . . (129x36) 4, 644 papers!!!!!!!!
  • That's not counting those checked for completion and understanding of the concept that are not graded.
  • Holy mess! I also spend at least THREE DAYS (2 hours x36) grading papers! I lose three days out of my year grading papers! I think I'm going to be sick!

I should not have figured that out. Bad idea. It's sad to think I'm required to spend so much time grading when I could be working on other things. I know they are a way to measure what my little darlings are doing, but I'm not paid that great. I only take home 32k a year after taxes, health insurance and my extra retirement.

Thank a teacher next time you see them. We truly do love our jobs and spend most of our time thinking about how to get to each and every darling so they can succeed to the best of their abilities. We go home worrying about them because no one will be there when they get home. We are teachers, counselors, mediators, doctors, comedians and numerous other things while sometimes being the only parent and guiding source those students have. (I'll have to share stories of my adopted son, Ken, from last year. I love him! Too cute!)

Goodnight. I have to sleep so I can teach our future about 3-D shapes, the water cycle, and family heritage and culture. I love my job!

Side note: After finishing this post and turning off my computer and realized I never proof-read it. I got back out of bed, turned on my computer and proceeded to check for misspelled words and anything crazy. There still are some mistakes I'm sure but I found it interesting that I couldn't relax until I got up to check it. I'm a loser. Night!

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