Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I fell asleep at 6:15 tonight. Not a little nap kind of sleep either. Eyes burning, tears rolling down my face because I was so tired, passed out kind of sleep. The only reason I'm awake now is because Nathan called from the boat. He had to call a few times before I even heard the phone. Poor guy. I'm very cranky when I wake up, no matter how many miles away he is. Oops. Anyway, he won't be home for another week. 8 weeks! OMG! WAY TOO LONG!
I have a new running buddy! WHOOP! I convinced another second grade teacher, Holly, to sign up for a 10k in Feb. and she's been running with Krissy and I after school. Sweet! Apparently people at school think that I'm some kind of exercise pusher. Ha. It's better than known for being the 'fat, lazy, complaining chick' I guess. I'll be hitting the treadmill tomorrow due to the rain. Lame. Eating has gotten back under control though. Thank goodness too, I ordered another bathing suit from VS and it's in the mail as we speak. Scary!
YTD: 58.6
Left: 461.4

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